Adding/removing tag list

In addition to controlling using a mobile application, you can open doors, gates, and barriers using tags (access keys).

Adding tags

  • Connect the reader to the controller.
  • Pair the controller with the 2Smart Cloud app.
  • Go to controller web interface.
  • Go to the "Accesses" tab of the web interface.

Method one

  • Enter a tag name in the “Name” field.
  • Enter the tag code in the "Tag id" field. You can find out the id of the tag on the "History" tab after reading it with a reader.
  • Click "Add".

Method two

  • Read the tag with a reader.
  • Click “Get last key”, and the “Name” and “Tag Id” fields will be automatically filled in with the data of the last tag that the reader read.
  • Click "Add".


"History" tab

The "History" tab displays the history of tag reading accesses, reading time, and status. To refresh events, click "Refresh" or refresh your browser page.


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