Frequently asked Questions

How does the device work?

The Propuskator controller is the primary device responsible for the access point operation. Controllers with a relay are designed to control gate drives, barriers, and other devices with a "dry contact". Models without a relay are intended to control the electric lock of the gate, interior door, or locker.

The controller receives a command to open the controlled device:

  • from a tag or biometrics reader that works on the Wiegand protocol;
  • from the exit button;
  • from the license plate recognition module;
  • from a mobile phone via the Internet.

The reader and the exit button are a standard set of additional devices for door or gate automation.

You can control the access point from your phone:

  • 2Smart Cloud or Propuskator mobile applications;
  • phone call;
  • voice commands;
  • Telegram bot.

The controller and its controls devices also require a 12V DC power supply. Its power is selected based on the needs of the access point.

How many readers can I connect to the controller?

One reader of tags or biometrics, working via the Wiegand protocol, can be connected to any model of the “Propuskator” controller.

Can I open a wicket or gate controlled by the Propuskator using the exit button?

Yes, there is a separate input for the exit button on the controller. Normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) pushbuttons are supported.

Can I connect an opening sensor to the controller? What kind of sensors are suitable?

Up to two open/close sensors can be connected to any of our controllers. Sensors with normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts are supported on both inputs.

How many access points can I open with a single controller?

Most of our controllers manage only one access point. You can connect to them one tag reader and one exit button. But the "CPR-WTR" controller model with three additional relays can manage four access points.

How to connect the controller?

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the "Propuskator" controller can be found здесь, and you can also use the video instruction.

What is the warranty for the controllers?

The warranty period for Propuskator controllers is 12 months from the date of purchase.

In what mode will the gate automation operate when the controller is connected? Is it possible to reprogram the automation during installation?

The controller "Propuskator" is connected to the automation input for external controlled devices in such a way as to give a command to open and close. In this case, additional programming is carried out according to the instructions for the automation.

If you cannot connect the controller to the automation of the gate or barrier on your own, contact our specialists.

Can I use the existing key fobs or remote controls after installing the Propuskator on the gate or barrier?

Yes, if you do not disable the module to work with remote controls or key fobs from automation. Such devices do not affect the operation of our controller in any way, as well as the controller does not affect the operation of these devices.

Can the controller work in tandem with the GSM module?

Yes, our controller can replace the functions of such equipment and bring you new possibilities. It is unnecessary to abandon the usual devices - if you wish, you can continue using them simultaneously with the Propuskator.

However, this does not make much sense cause the phone call control feature is implemented in the "Propuskator", and you do not even need a SIM card from a mobile operator.

I can't add a device in the app. What am I doing wrong?

If the first connection step failed:

  • make sure the controller is connected to power;
  • connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the controller - in the phone settings, choose the network of the form “СР-00-00-00-00”.

If the second stage of the connection failed, and the connection with the controller was lost:

  • make sure the controller is connected to power;
  • try to keep your smartphone close to the controller while connecting.

If the third stage of the connection failed, one of two reasons is likely:

  1. You are trying to connect the controller to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network (only 2.4GHz is supported). Solution: enter the credentials for a network with a 2.4 GHz band or specify in the Wi-Fi settings of the router the 2.4 GHz band allowed for connecting the controller.
  2. You entered the Wi-Fi network name or password incorrectly. Solution: Reset the controller to factory settings and try connecting again.
During the pairing controller to the application, a notification appears about connecting to a Wi-Fi network without the Internet. What to do?

Everything is in order, as it should be - to configure the controller, you need to connect to its network. Do not switch to another network until you complete the settings.

iPhone users will also receive a notification “Do you allow the app to access local networks?”. In this case, select the option “Yes”.

How to control a lock with a NO contact (magnetic lock)?

To control an electromagnetic lock with a NO contact, change Lock Type to Magnet in the web interface of the controller settings.

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