The mobile application settings screen consists of the following items:


  • Your account - switching between accounts, logging out.
  • Tags management - adding new tags, enabling/disabling, and removing existing tags.
  • Displaying groups - enabling/disabling groups in the application interface.
  • Groups management - grouping access points, editing, and deleting existing groups.
  • Account settings - changing the password and removing the account from the mobile application.
  • Appearance - switching between light and dark themes in the app.
  • TouchID/FaceID - login to the application by biometrics (when this function is enabled, you need to log in using biometrics or a password at each login, and if the session is disabled, the session will always be active).
  • Language - language settings for the application. Ukrainian, Russian and English languages are available.
  • Report a problem - feedback to the application developers and the ability to report a problem with the application or any wish.
  • Log out - logging out of the application account.

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