Propuskator controllers are devices designed to control access to residential and industrial premises and to record passages and events. The controller comes in a small plastic case with DIN rail mounting. The controller works with one reader connected via the Wiegand 26 interface.

The controller can operate both standalone and as part of a network. Wifi or GSM interface is used to connect to the ACS network. The controller provides the function of programming network settings and updating its firmware via connecting to the Internet or the controller network using a local file on the computer that was downloaded earlier. The controller is powered by a 12V DC source.

There are models of controllers that work with a “dry contact” using a relay and models that can work with a “wet contact”. Fire alarms and/or door sensors can be connected to the controller, and the device also supports the connection of an exit button. The small dimensions of the controller will allow you to install it even in the socket, for this unique models have been developed in the form of a socket.

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